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Since your commercial building serves as the nerve centre of your company, containing all of your properties; And shield both your staff and your equipment from bad weather, the integrity of your buildings is inextricably related to the efficiency of your operations. Therefore it is important to cover the facilities by a high-quality commercial roof that is both waterproof and energy efficient to ensure that they remain in good working order.

What Commercial Roof Should I Choose....?

When it comes to roofing, our Germantown company provides a wide range of options. Two-pitched roofs, one-pitched roofs, elastomeric membrane roofs, flat roofs, flat roofs… these are all choices, each equally successful. Knowing the characteristics of these various forms of roofing, on the other hand, significantly aids in making an educated decision that is appropriate for the structure. So, which is better for commercial roofing: a two-pitch roof or a one-pitch roof?

Specifications Of Single-pitch Roofs

  • Monoslope roofing or single-slope roofing are other names for it. It is distinguished by the presence of a pan. That is, the entire roof of the dwelling has a single side and, in addition, a single angle. 
  • A sloped roof is usually flatter than a flat roof, with pitch ratios ranging from 1:48 to 1:12.
  • Since it is not off-center, this style of roof gives the building a greater sense of balance. As a consequence, it’s important to point out that this form of roofing is suitable for those who just want water to flow in one direction.


Specifications Of Two-Pitch Roofs

  • This form of roof is widely used in both commercial and residential roofing. It is a form of roof covering that has two pans. This indicates that water flows from both sides. It has the benefit of providing almost limitless inclination options.
  • Despite the fact that 16:12 slopes are available on the market today, its ratios start at 1:48. 
  • You should familiarise yourself with the following technical data in order to better explain the slope ratios: 1:48 equals a 1 inch side height increase and a 48 inch side length increase.

What Services Do We Provide?Difference Between A Two-slope Roof And A One-slope Roof

A single pitch roof tends to be the norm and ideal option for commercial roofing in terms of security and versatility. It gives owners more protection for many generations. This explains why in some parts of the world, this style of roof is the most common.

Furthermore, the roof with a slope provides many other benefits that are critical to commercial roofing. For instance, we can keep:

Defense From The Climate

Water bridges the weight of the slope area to the direction of the gutters on pitched roofs. However, the steeper the roof, the quicker the water drains, resulting in excellent snow and ice protection.

Strong Winds Or Storms Can Be Severe

The sloping roof, due to its impressive closing at the head, but also on the sides of the roofs, provides further protection against storms. Water would not be able to reach the room, no matter how powerful the wind is.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Roof With Slope

  • Despite its low maintenance expense, its durability
  • Its ability to withstand both heat and cold
  • Its acoustic shielding
  • Within, it’s a good temperature…
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