Many developers want to convert an existing attic into living space or plan an amazing attic during the design stage. If you are one of them then we are here for your help. We provide residential roofing service for such premises, and there are several options for its configuration. While the individual still has the final say, working with the architect is not a bad idea.

Our recommendation is a roof that also serves as the attic’s walls, and is most commonly found in villages and summer cottages. This approach is valuable because it eliminates the need to build second-floor walls and a new roof. The distance between the floor and the ridge must be at least 2.5 metres, and the range in between floor and the start of the bevel must be 0.7-1.0 metres.Our team provides the best residential roofing services creating you a unique attic.

Services Offered In Residential Roofing

A residential roof is needed if you want to turn an attic into a functional space or if you already have an attic. It can be done in a variety of ways:

In villages and country houses, the roof, which also serves as the attic’s walls, is most common. The need for a second floor and a new roof is eliminated with this approach, our team will make it perfect roofing services.

However, the space in the corners is greatly reduced since the bevel starts at a height of one metre. Furthermore, full-fledged windows are being designed on such a residential roof, and special attic windows would be serviced by our team.

Cost Of Residential Roofing

The size of the roof has a major impact on costs. This is determined by the scale of the covered area and the roof’s form. A standard pitched roof with two roof areas is around 30% less expensive than a tent roof with four roof areas, which has a much larger roof area.

Assume a roof area of 150 square metres for a rough cost estimate. This figure is for a traditional single-family home with a pitched roof. The specific measurements for measuring the roof area can be found in your house’s design files.

Full Second Floor With Mansard Roof

For residents, this is the most beautiful and comfortable choice. There is no connection between the living room and the attic in this situation. The rooms are colour, strong, and spacious. Huge benefits are gained due to the lack of overlap. One of the key benefits is the attractiveness of the design; a good leader can easily beat such a large volume.

Full Second Floor With Attic Roof

This is a middle ground between a true second floor and an attic. The living quarters are almost entirely functional; there are no low side partitions, and the overlap serves only as basic weather safety. However, issues arise, such as the need to build additional load-bearing walls in the attic, which increases monetary costs.

As a result, the mansard roof will be less costly, but it will also be less convenient. Except for the expense, a complete second floor with an attic roof is an excellent choice in every way. A combined roof can be considered the most appropriate in any way. You must make your decision based on your interests and financial resources. Residential roofing has its own set of appealing and problematic features.