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Roof installation requires a great deal of expertise. This is, after all, a major investment that will need to remain in good condition for many years to come. Several steps must be done well for a roof installation to perfection, and you need the necessary skills to perform everything properly. 

At our Company, we don’t neglect any detail. We consider all the characteristics of your roof and take into account your tastes, needs and means in order to find the solution that will suit your particular situation.

Roof Installation On Various Types Of Buildings

Our roofers are qualified and trained to roof installation coverings on commercial and industrial buildings. For many years, we have been installing our coatings on flat or low-pitched roofs.

During the work, our master roofers carefully prepare the surface and check several times that the new roof is properly installed, as safe. Naturally, the manufacturer’s recommendations will be respected at every stage.

We guarantee the waterproofing for our  roof installation, so that you benefit from incomparable protection against bad weather and breakage. You will thus obtain a solid and perfectly waterproof roof, roof installation with care by professionals. It will thus benefit from maximum energy performance and a longer lifespan.


We have a wide range of services and coatings. Do you want an elastomeric roof membrane? This membrane is the most popular for flat roofs and we are specialists in its roof installation. We also install epdm and pvc membranes.

New to our range of roofing services, the elastomer-based liquid membrane is the ideal choice for your metal roof. We can offer you all of these solutions, and what’s more, we’re always looking for new ways to meet the needs of our customers.

The Cost Of Roof Installation And Repair Of The Roof

Your expenses for roofing materials and services of specialists depend on the type of roof shingles and their required quantity, the complexity of the work on the object (taking into account the complexity factor), additional services (waterproofing, partial or complete replacement of the battens, etc.).

What Services Do We Provide?

Turning to our company, you can count on professional support in solving a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Consultations on the choice of materials for roof construction (the purchase of tiles will cost you 10-15% less if all the work on their installation is performed by the masters of our company)
  • Design work (based on the wishes of the customer, architectural features of the structure, bearing capacity of the structure)
  • Installation of thermal insulation (specialists will select the best insulation option for the operating roof and carry out all the necessary work)
  • Laying of soft tiles (among the work performed: construction of the frame, thermal insulation of the base, installation of tiles)
  • Laying metal tiles and other types of materials (construction of lathing, thermal insulation, laying materials, ventilation, etc.)
  • Repair work (if your roof has leaks or more obvious damage, then our masters will replace the roof).
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