Grass Roof Technology Is A Form Of Green Roof

green roof

A building’s roof may be constructed in a variety of ways. Our forefathers lived in a very dark and unkempt dugout with an earthen rampart instead of a roof a long time ago. Housing architecture has changed over time as mankind’s evolution has progressed. The original leaf and twig roof was replaced with a red tile and grey slate roof. However, many homeowners lack the appealing, eye-pleasing grassy green that can be found above them.

Construction Of A Traditional Green Turf Roof

Not every city dweller has the ability to unwind in the woods or inhale the fresh air of mountain meadows. Much of the time, there just isn’t enough time to go outside and enjoy nature. Every day is oppressed by tall buildings, suffocating streets, and scorching asphalt. As a result, many satisfied private house owners aspire to realize their desire to engage with nature through the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly materials in the construction of housing.

green roof


Many technological solutions for house installation, insulation, decoration, and reconstruction were adopted by Russian experts based on the Scandinavian experience. Engineers in Finland, Norway, and Sweden have long used a variety of construction technologies that are only now becoming common in our country.

The same “turf roof” is currently being installed on residential buildings not only in Scandinavia but also in some European countries.

Green Roofs Are Being Built In A More Modern Way

Modern experts task with lowering the overall weight of the roofing structure. It was important to maintain the decorative appearance of this technology. The most difficult task was to develop a long-lasting waterproofing layer. It had to be thick enough to keep moisture and plant roots out while still being light enough not to place too much strain on the roof structure.

The load-bearing flooring is the first layer. In this case, the content is unimportant. Boards or sheets of pressed shavings used. The lining is also an option, but the cost of construction materials would rise slightly.

Insulation is the next sheet. The under-roof premises protected from rain and meltwater infiltration by this portion of the roof structure. He is also the one who stops plant roots from germinating. A variety of rubber or bitumen-based waterproofing rolls is available in hardware stores. There is a lot of variety, and there are plenty of places to turn around.

For A Green Roof, Roofing Pie

Using a rolled lawn as a finishing layer is the simplest and best way to logically complete a green roof. The grass can be planted directly on the ground layer if the slopes of the slopes are natural. The soil looses and compacted with a manual rammer before sowing.

Of course, such a spectacle appears to be lively, but it also appears to be untidy. As a result, Russian homeowners tend to plant special decorative grass on their roofs, which provides a uniform green carpet in the building.

green roof


For Green Roofs, Drainage Systems 

Since water is unable to reach the building, it must find a way out in another place. Roof drainage requires for this purpose. Water can collect on the waterproofing’s surface without this sheet, causing soil acidification. This, in turn, would cause the green roof’s roots and stems to decay, effectively destroying the whole concept of a green roof. Drainage may be provided by a thin layer of sand or gravel. Lighter coatings, such as geotextiles purchased if possible.

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