Cheap Roofing Ideas For Your New Construction

Flat Roofing

What is a roof covering? A roof covering protects your home against all kinds of natural conditions and also roof covering determines your home appearance. Does your current roof cover need a replacement? Or are you looking for the ideal cheap roofing cover for your new construction? 

Then in this article, you will find an overview of the different types of cheap roofing for both sloping roofs and flat roofs.

cheap roofing

Cheap roofing with high quality

There are many types of roof covering for both flat and pitched roofs. It varies from expensive to cheap options. The rule that often applies to roofing is that cheap roofing is affordable. And it is reasonable to lay a cheap roof covering that will protect you from all kinds of weather conditions for decades.

  • On flat roofs, bitumen and EPDM roofing is excellent for a low price.
  • Shingles and corrugated iron are suitable for sheds and garden houses.

The above materials are of high quality with a modest charge. Concrete and ceramic roof tiles are the best reasonable roofing materials for pitched roofs.

Cheap Roofing  Ideas For A Flat Roof

The cheapest types of roofing for flat roofs or slightly sloping roofs are bitumen and EPDM. Both types of materials are inexpensive and using this roofing material is also excellent for a garden house and shed. You can also use these types of cheap bitumen roofing and EPDM roofing for your garden.


Types of the Sloping Roof

1) Tile Roofing- Tiles are a very popular and inexpensive cheap roofing cover for pitched roofs. You can choose between concrete roof tiles that are quick to install and ceramic roof tiles in clay which are more expensive, but give an authentic look. 

Which type you choose depends mainly on your budget and the desired view of your pitched roof.

2) Slate roofing – Are you looking for a more exclusive look for your pitched roof? Then you can choose a slate roof covering. It is a relatively light roof covering compared to roof tiles, but slates are slightly more expensive. Moreover, the installation of slates takes more time.

There are 2 types of slates:

  • Artificial slates from fiber cement ( i.e is cheaper and has a shorter life span) 
  • Natural slates from natural stone ( i.e are more expensive and have a longer life span).

3) Plate Roofing- Roof plates are the cheapest roof covering. These roofing materials can also be installed quickly. You can use them for traditional corrugated sheets like metal, bitumen, or plastic. 

4) Thatched roofing –  A thatched roof is a wonderful alternative roof covering. You can use this for an open thatched roof. The stalk lies on the battens so that it remains visible on the inside of the roof construction.

Do you prefer greater fire safety and less chance of winds and dust? Then a closed thatched roof (screw roof) is a better choice.

5) Zinc roofing –  A zinc roof covering is also an interesting choice. This flexible metal is very durable and has a beautiful, unique appearance due to the protective patina layer. 

Against these many advantages, there is a higher cost price than with traditional roof coverings. Due to its great flexibility, zinc is also ideal for covering curved and round roofs.

6) Extensive green roof – A green roof mainly occurs on flat roofs, but you can also have it installed on a sloping roof. In that case, it concerns an extensive green roof. These green roofs mainly consist of mosses, succulents, and herbs.

green roofings 

They are lighter than intensive green roofs and also require less maintenance. The thickness of such a green roof is less than 20 cm. It is very attractive while viewing from outside!!

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